§ 1 General provisions

1. These Regulations, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”, specify the rules for using the website that can be found on (“Website”) and the purpose for its creation. The user should use the Website in a manner consistent with the Regulations and the objectives described above.

2. The Website is administered by, with its registered office at ul. Władysława Reymonta 11, 05-120 Legionowo, NIP [taxpayer’s identification number]: 5240402410, hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”. Telephone +48 225103635, e-mail:

3. The primary objective of the Website is to share on the Internet information content and provide a place to cooperate in the use of a B2B system which automates sales management performed with cash registers.

4. Each of the services on the Website is rendered on conditions that are appropriate to a given type of the services, so specific terms and conditions of the performance of those services through the Website are separately specified and placed in the Website area created for the given service. Matters not regulated in such terms and conditions of the provision of individual services are governed by the provisions of the Regulations.

5. Most of the services rendered through the Website are provided by the Administrator. However, some of the services are rendered by third parties which lay down the terms and conditions of provision of a given service independently and on their own responsibility. In each such case, the Administrator is not liable for the compliance of the implementation of the contract with the terms and conditions provided for on the Website; moreover, the service provider and regulations regarding its services are explicitly indicated on the Website.

§ 2 Website users

1. Each natural person who visits the Website is the user of the Website.

2. Each natural person or legal entity that concluded a contract with the Administrator concerning the use of services available on the Website becomes a user who may have access to the services available on the Website.

3. The term “conclusion of a contract” means the establishing of cooperation with the Administrator, which results in the conclusion of a contract for the implementation or use of a B2B system which automates sales management performed with cash registers. The contract is concluded by the parities by means of electronic signature or in a traditional way.

4. One user may only have one Account on the Website.

5. The Administrator reserves the right to delete an account of a Website User without providing reasons, if:

a. The User violates provisions of law in force through his or her actions performed on the Website;

b. The User violates provisions of the Contract or of these Regulations;

c. The User takes actions which may, even if indirectly, show signs of interfering with the structures of the Website to which such User has no access or if the User takes actions which destabilize the operation of the Website, regardless of the methods and techniques of the aforementioned illicit actions;

d The User acts to the detriment of the Website, the Administrator or other Users of the Website, in any manner.

6. Each Website User has a specific status which results from the provisions of the contract concluded between the parties, under which the User exercises his or her particular rights to use Website services.

7. Passive browsing of the contents of the Website is available to each Internet user, but the scope of such access for individuals who are not Website Users may be limited by the Administrator at any time and to any extent.

§ 3 Content placed on the Website

1. Individual elements of Website content (texts, graphics, photos, videos, applications, data bases and others) are subject to economic copyright or other intellectual property rights vested in the Administrator or third parties, and as such they are legally protected under the relevant provisions of law. Website Users may not use the elements of expertise, functions or graphics of the Website to the extent that exceeds the usage allowed under the provisions of law in force and these Regulations. In particular, it is forbidden to reproduce the aforementioned materials or their derivative works, or distribute and place on the market the copies so produced, or to make, primarily for commercial purposes, copies, to modify and distribute works or data bases made available through the Website.

2. The User agrees to place on the Website only the content (“Content”) whose sharing through the Website is not contrary to law or good practice, and agrees that it will not violate any third party rights, and in particular any personal interests, copyrights or other intellectual property rights. The User assumes full and exclusive liability for the above.

3. The Website User is obliged to:

a. refrain from taking actions that include: – using other Users’ accounts or sharing one’s own account with other Users; – taking steps, in terms of IT actions or any other actions, with the aim of obtaining other Users’ passwords;

b. use the Website in a manner that is not intrusive for other Users and the Website Administrator;

c. notify the Administrator immediately, in a manner provided for in § 9 (2) hereof, of any case of unauthorized use of his or her unique login or password, as well as of any cases of violation of the rules set forth in these Regulations.

4. The use of the Website may not violate generally applicable provisions of law, principles of social coexistence or generally accepted social standards, including the rules of the use of the Internet. No actions on the part of the User may violate any rights of third parties or include the sharing of illegal content on the Website.

§ 4 Protection of personal data

1. In relation to the provision of services by electronic means through the Website the Users provide the Administrator, or other service providers, with their personal data.

2. Pursuant to Article 24 of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997, we inform that the Website Administrator,, with its registered office at the address: ul. Władysława Reymonta 11, 05-120 Legionowo, Poland, NIP: 5240402410, is the personal data controller.

3. The Website Users who consented to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the clauses placed on the Website have the right of access to their data, the right to rectify them and the right to withdraw, at any time, their consent to the processing of such data.

4. Save for the cases provided for in the provisions of law, the Administrator does not share or disclose personal data of the Users to anyone.

5. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997, the Administrator may assign a third party the task of the processing of the Users’ personal data, in whole or on part.

6. The Administrator acts with due diligence to protect the interests of the data subjects. The data are collected for specific legal purposes, they are not subject to further processing which would be contrary to those purposes, they are substantially correct and appropriate to the purposes of processing. The Administrator applies technical measures that ensure a high level of security of the Users’ personal data and protects them against access of unauthorized persons, destruction or loss.

7. The Website may include links to other websites which are not controlled by the Administrator and which are not governed by these rules of protection of personal data. If the Users use websites whose links can be found on the Website, the operators of such websites may collect data from the Users that will be used in compliance with the rules adopted by them, which may differ from the rules applied by the Website Administrator. The Administrator is not liable for treating information as confidential by external Internet companies. The Administrator will endeavour to make it very clear when the User leaves the Website and moves to third party websites through clicking a link or through displaying a relevant message.

8. The Website Administrator applies technical measures that prevent personal data sent through the Website from being obtained and modified by unauthorized persons.

9. In order to update his or her personal data or request that such data be no longer processed, the User should contact the Administrator at the email address:, or by sending a letter to the address: ul. Władysława Reymonta 11, 05-120 Legionowo, Poland.

§ 5 Liability of the Administrator

1. The Website Administrator exercises day-to-day supervision over technical operations of the Website and ensures its proper functioning. However, the Website Administrator does not guarantee constant availability of the Website’s pages or their faultless functioning.

2. The Administrator is not liable for:

a.     content of any information placed on the Website by the Users, in particular for its compliance with law, accuracy, up-to-date character or value for other persons using the Website;

b.     damage caused by content of any information placed on the Website by the Users;

c.     any other damage caused as a result of the Users’ violating third-party rights in relation to the use of the Website;

d.     consequences arising from third parties gaining access to the User’s password;

e.     damage caused as a result of disruptions of the Website or its non-availability caused by reasons which are not under the Website Administrator’s control or damage which results from events that the Website Administrator could not prevent;

f.      any other damage caused by the User’s failure to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

3. The fact that the Website may be connected through Internet links with Internet websites that belong to third parties does not imply the Website Administrator’s liability for the operations of these websites or their content.

4. The Website Administrator does not allow for the use of the Website for the purposes of conducting commercial activity without the Administrator’s consent or for obtaining any information about the Users from the Website by means of automated software, unless the contract between the Parties provides otherwise.

5. If the User wishes to conduct commercial activity within the Website or obtain User content from the Website, the User should each time contact the Administrator at the email address: in order to conclude a relevant contract.

6. The Administrator is not liable for services rendered through the Website by third parties which provide services for the benefit of the Users in their own name and on their own account, on conditions and under the agreements concluded with the Administrator. The rules for the provision of such services are specified by the entity which provides those services and only such entity is liable for them; in the event of any comments and complaints related to its services rendered, the Users should contact the aforementioned entity, while any potential complains addressed to the Administrator will be forwarded to those entities.

§ 6 Terms and conditions of the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services by electronic means.

1. A contract for the provision of services by electronic means is concluded upon the User’s conclusion of the contract with the Administrator concerning the use of services rendered by the Administrator under the Website.

§ 7 Technical conditions of the provision of services.

1. The technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the ICT system used by the Administrator are as follows:

a.     Internet connection;

b.     web browsers.

c.     A web browser should accept cookies.

2. Please note that during provision of the service cookies are placed in the User’s IT system. Placing cookies in the User’s IT system is necessary for the proper provision of services through the Website. More information about cookies is available in the “Cookies” tab in the footer of the Website.

§ 8 Complaints

1. Any and all reservations and comments concerning the functioning of the Website and the Administrator’s provision of services via the Website may be reported through the “Contact” tab, by mail sent to the Administrator’s address or at the email address: Complaints concerning services rendered through the Website by entities other than the Administrator should be filed by the Website User directly with the particular service provider.

2. A complaint filed with the Administrator will be considered within 14 days from the day on which the complaint is brought.

§ 9 Final provisions

1. All and any remarks, comments and questions regarding the Website should be addressed to:, ul. Władysława Reymonta 11, 05-120 Legionowo, Poland.

2. All and any communication concerning any violations by the Website Users of these Regulations should be sent to the address as specified above or to the email address:

3. The Administrator reserves the right to amend these Regulations. The Administrator will notify the Users 7 days in advance of any change to the Regulations which affects the rights or obligations of the Website Users.