Cash registers – WebPOS

WebPOS can operate in two different versions, in cooperation with:

  • fiscal printers
  • cash register devices.

The sets in both configurations make up cash registers.

From the point of view of ERP and IntegratorPOS system users, there is no difference between the two proposals.

The combination of a cash register device with WebPOS is particularly interesting.

In this version, the cash register device constitu-tes a stand-alone component of the system which imports loading lists and price lists from the cen-tral system.

The K2online recorder is a computer program installed on a computer or tablet with MS Windows or Linux operating system.

Its task is to ensure a reliable exchange of data between the central IntegratorPOS and cash register devices where the sale will be recorded.

Here, there is no need to maintain constant connection to the Internet.

WebPOS installed in parallel, apart from the K2online recorder, allows for extending the functionalities of a cash register device with functions which so far have only been available in POS programs.

Together with a cash register device, WebPOS fulfils informational functions. However, cash registers gain greater options since owing to that combination a cashier can:

  • monitor the transaction carried out directly on the screen,
  • receive information on relevant promotional campaigns,
  • issue invoices, refunds and claims,
  • create reports.