K2online B2B

K2online B2B (business-to-business) system facilitates a company’s collaboration with its trading partners.

With features that promote trade in the company, it is better organized, occupies fewer employees and enables contractors to make more efficient purchases of goods and services.

The K2online B2B system is made up of websites intended for:

• The partner – placing and monitoring of or-ders directly by partners, settlement control

• Sales specialist in the organisation – sales specialist placing orders on behalf of the partner or contractor

• Administrative purposes – configuration of settings, defining promotions, active selling, etc.

Integration of the B2B system with the trading partners’ IT solutions through the exchange of data in the EDI format allows for full automation, although it requires additional implementation ac-tivities.

The K2online B2B system is designed to work closely with an ERP system which handles all tasks performed within the company.

Platform online availability 24/7/365

The basic features of the K2online B2B system fulfil the following tasks:

• Handling the sale of goods to trading partners

• Fixing the price offered to partners

• Determining the level of available stocks

• Determining the balance in settlements with a partner

• Accepting orders automatically

• Notifying warehouse personnel of goods delivery date

• Issuing documents automatically

• Notifying of the option to sell goods

• Offering goods with smaller turnover

• Estimating the probability of selling goods

• Registering contacts with partners (meetings, negotiations, contracts concluded)

• Contacts with partners presented in the form of reports

• Recording activities of sales specialists