Managing a chain of shops with the use of cash registers

posnet_revoCurrently, commercial outlets are run in two ways:

  1. by means of advanced IT systems,
  2. without the use of computer systems, with cash registers.

Solution no. 1 requires some serious investment outlays and bearing fixed costs related to system maintenance. It is necessary to purchase hardware and software, build network infrastructure and ensure efficient technical support. As a consequence, an advanced management and data analysis system is created.

Solution no. 2 imposes significant restrictions in access to data, but reduces investment and maintenance costs by up to 80%. Selecting this form results in the availability of very restricted analytical options and, as a consequence, limited tools for managers.

Implementation of the B2B system – advanced management of a chain of shops with the use of cash registers is aimed at providing customers with a solution that will combine a significant reduction of investment costs with the simultaneous increase in the functionality of the system. Retail chains and our current and future customers who decide to choose solution no. 1 are aware that an average cost of investment in one POS station in a retail shop fluctuates around PLN 15 000 net ±30% (the minimum: a computer, a monitor, a UPS, a bar code reader, a fiscal printer, access to the network, program and implementation of POS). Moreover, at a later stage the costs of technical support and software upgrades constitute significant items in the budget.

In 2013, we launched the production of a device conceived and designed by us, named K2online recorder. The device is currently being used by retail chains in cooperation with customer counters and work time recorders. The K2online recorder is perfect for effective communication with cash registers. We have performed tests to that end, and we are positive that our device can work with a regular cash register to the extent that it supplements its functionalities to offer full options of advanced POS computer systems.

Implementation of the B2B system – advanced management of a chain of shops with the use of cash registers would allow for offering retail chains a solution that retains the essential features POS computer systems (loyalty system, promotional campaigns, active sale, issuing invoices against receipts, servicing returns, point-based bonus system, in-depth data analyses). At the same time, investment costs as compared with solution no. 1 will be lower by about 50% (a cash register, a k2online recorder, a bar code reader). Also the costs of technical support will be correspondingly lower and will be restricted to a monthly subscription for using the B2B solution as SaaS.